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Established in 2005, iNurse Center for Excellence, Inc. was founded by a team of highly skilled and experienced educators, instructors, and professionals in the field of academia and the medical field.

Our dedicated team at iNurse is committed to addressing the evolving needs of healthcare providers and enhancing the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals. We strive to offer dynamic and innovative solutions that empower nurses and allied health professionals, recognizing the importance of competence in this field.

Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional, efficient, and comprehensive healthcare programs and up-to-date teaching methods. By fostering cooperation, integrity, and camaraderie among our students, we promote academic excellence and facilitate social transformation. With years of experience in guiding students towards a successful future, we are devoted to providing unparalleled solutions that set us apart from others in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to your success, making iNurse Center for Excellence, Inc. the ideal partner for high-quality programs.

We specialize in providing training, seminars, and review programs for healthcare providers and allied professionals. Whether you are preparing for the PNLE, NCLEX-RN, or HAAD-RN nursing board examinations, iNurse Center for Excellence is here to assist you. Additionally, we offer expertise in NCLEX-RN license renewal, endorsement reciprocity, US Visa screen processing, and the NCLEX-RN application process from start to finish, whether you are located in the Philippines or abroad. We can help you register in any of the 50 states in the US, provided your requirements and credentials are valid, up-to-date, and complete. While each state may have varying requirements and fees, such as a US Social Security Number, a credentials evaluation from CGFNS, criminal background history, and an English proficiency exam, we offer a free consultation to guide you in selecting the best state for your licensure. With iNurse's assistance, you can focus your time and effort on your NCLEX-RN review, while we handle your application process.

Furthermore, we offer flexible schedules for PNLE, NCLEX-RN, and HAAD-RN review programs, taught by top-notch lecturers. Please feel free to visit our page and message us for any inquiries. We are delighted to assist you in achieving your goals.

As an additional service, we also provide courses accredited by the American Heart Association, including Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and HeartSaver/First Aid with CPR & AED. These courses are aligned with Healthforce Training Center AHA-ITC standards.


Our core values revolve around Excellence, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Competence. At our core, we are driven to Innovate, Equip, and Empower. We are dedicated to Motivating, Training, and Developing nurses who are globally competitive. By focusing on strengthening your core foundation, we aim to maximize your full potential. We are committed to providing a professional training program, and we wholeheartedly follow through on our promises.


To create an organizational culture that promotes integrity, camaraderie, and hard work in pursuit of excellence, and to influence others to grow professionally and become globally competitive through our local and international linkages.


To be a center of excellence in trainings, seminars and review programs for students and professionals.

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